Rotary Machine Design for Special Purpose Machinery Manufacturer

The client: Suffolk based Special Purpose Machinery company

Key challenge: to reduce the cycle time in the existing assembly process.

Successes: The reduction of the cycle-time was achieved by re-designing their top-selling machine, running in a linear process, into a rotary system. The desired cycle-time reduction has been accomplished, as the loading/unloading time for the processed component has been reduced by 30%. Similar cost reduction was accomplished in a project where the standard linear production system has been re-designed into a rectangular-running shuttle machine.

3D CAD design capacity extended during Microscope Precision Equipment range uplift for Scientific Instruments Manufacturer

The client: Leading manufacturer of Microscope Automation and Optical Instrumentation

Key challenges: To develop a New Range of equipment for German market without long-term cost increase when expanding the product development team.

Successes: Their position in the German market has been strengthened.  When in need of extending their 3D CAD design capacity, they benefited from cooperation with Demaax in two ways:  Knowledge of the technical demands for new product development gave them the desired competitive edge; knowledge of technical German and English was utilised while delivering the technical documentation for patent office.

Increased margin and improved quality on sheet metal and machined components for Automotive Industry Supplier

The client: Automotive Industry Supplier

Key challenges:  To increase the competitiveness of their products and by increased quality and reduced delivery time

Successes: Through our cooperation with Polish companies delivering high quality components to the competitive automotive market in Germany we were able to help our customer deliver products with better finish and higher quality of fabrication at a better price. After having made a very positive experience with our sheet metal parts our customer has also added our machined components to their range.

Stainless steel welded assemblies from Demaax have drastically reduced costs and improved product quality for Plastic Assembly Machinery Manufacturer

The client: Manufacturer of assembly machines for joining plastic components, primarily supplying tier 1 and 2 companies within the automotive market sector throughout the world

Key Challenge: To reduce the manufacturing costs of their key tooling assembly, responsible for the quality and accuracy of their products.

Successes: The general cost of the tooling assembly was dropped by 20%. Since the implementation for the stainless steel welded assemblies from Demaax the client has not only been enjoying the bigger margin on this product but also visibly better quality of the products.

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